Welcome from Mrs. Kelly

Welcome to Hillcrest Elementary!  Our school is a great place to be because of the wonderful students, dedicated teachers, and caring support staff.  We want your child to enjoy learning and treasure their elementary school experiences.  You have entrusted your most precious gift to us, and we take this responsibility very seriously.  We also want your child to be successful and enjoy their learning opportunities.  Because we believe that ALL children can learn, Hillcrest strives to equip your child academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.


Planning to be successful is a very critical part of oneís education. I hope you and your child have set goals for 2015-2016 and have made plans to achieve these goals.  I urge you to support our school and teachers by becoming involved and supporting your childís educational progress.  Thank you for the opportunity to work together to educate your child and to have a productive and successful school year.


Martha Kelly, Principal